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"Security4kids" was created to give greater solidity to one of the areas that Protection4kids deals with. The project aims to develop technologies, strategies and active policies to put an end to the cybercrimes that most affect minors and vulnerable individuals. The practical implementation takes place through the identification, reporting and removal of offending content on the main online platforms. This is possible thanks to our team of computer scientists, and experts on cyber crimes.

Security4kids is active on two fronts: on the one hand, it provides strategic support to the victims of crimes, and on the other, it transmits data and analysis for prevention projects.

The project intervenes in the following crimes:

Specific and dedicated means of communication have been included in the Security4kids Project, always available to users. Among these tools: The anonymous online form for reporting; virtual online assistance to answer real-time questions in different fields; Toll-free number for victims available 24 hours a day.

This year we have ...

Helped more than 1000 families to free themselves from the threats of web criminals

Removed more than 200 TeraByte of child pornography material from the net

Sensitized more than & nbsp; 4 thousand students & nbsp; on the conscious use of the web

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