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Woman Rights

We fight gender-based violence by promoting web campaigns and local projects through multi-channel communication strategies to raise national public opinion on the dangers of a stereotypical narrative that sees women still blamed today when they are victims of serious crimes. We organize projects that aim to create women's empowerment networks, creating a workshop on self-awareness and self-determination.

IO PER LEI is a project that consists of a cycle of 6 meetings spread over 2022, through which we want to involve women in the creation of a network of local Veneto and non-Venetian female empowerment that has as its objective the concrete support of CHHORI, the centre in Nepal that we support.

Our Goals

Even today, women are blamed when they are victims of serious crimes. We live in a world where misogynistic language is too often used to objectify the female body and make tragic episodes of sexual violence spectacular. Every woman MUST have the right to choose how to live and express herself. Free from any prejudice, psychological pressure or abuse.

This year we have ...

Sensitized more than 800 women on gender violence

Fixed more than 200 cases of Revenge Porn

More than 50 corporate workshops on gender violence in the workplace

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