How the project was born

Choori is a small anti-trafficking centre for women, active in Kathmandu, which deals with the recovery of girls victims of trafficking and violence, in some cases forced prostitution. The center provides victims with a safe place to live, legal and psychological assistance. Since 2007 it has saved, helped and supported over 1000 women and girls.

Chhori is the Nepalese word for “daughter”, a name chosen to reflect their mission: to create a fair and just Nepal that loves and respects women. Among the various projects it also deals with the reintegration of victims into society, through the teaching of a job that guarantees their independence.

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What we do

Annachiara Sarto, director of Protection4kids, visited Chhori during a legal internship experience. Protection4kids has long wanted to make a concrete commitment to assisting victims of trafficking, but having to turn to a remote organization was looking for a reality that could be trusted. Having lived personally in the center and having verified the professionalism, Annachiara Sarto was able to report Chhori and convince us to adopt it as an annual campaign.

Due to Covid, Choori lost its donors and is currently at risk of closing. For this reason, we are committed to supporting the cause through the collection of donations to be allocated to the centre, to cover the management costs – currently around 1000 euros per month – and prevent its closure.

Our goals

Economic support

Firstly, we want to guarantee the survival of the Chhori centre by sending economic aid to cover the monthly operating costs. In this way, the centre will be able to continue its activities and remain a safe place for all victims of trafficking and violence.

Data collections

Collaborations in the areas most affected by trafficking and exploitation crimes allow us to collect data and photographic material for our blog and various publications. In this way we can provide up-to-date research and statistics.

Global presence

Aid projects like this are essential to create an international collaboration network. This, in addition to providing a continuous exchange of knowledge, allows us to have a more accurate and verified view of the problems related to trafficking in the areas where we operate.


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