Today the editorial staff at Protection4Kids wants to explain in detail the relationship and collaboration with ReputationUp.

What is ReputationUp?

ReputationUp is a multinational group leader in the Online Reputation Management sectors and in the elimination of defaming contents online.

The CEOs and founders, Andrea Biaggio and Juan Ricardo Palacio, have twenty years of experience in the sector and are moved by passion and dedication for their jobs and also have always been passionate about social issues as well.

Among the services provided by ReputationUp are the cleaning of harmful links, monitoring, protection and improvement of brand reputation and the management of all the risks connected with this activity.

Nonetheless, the concern over social issues has never been missing. ReuputationUp has always been involved against Cyberbullying and, by responding to a request resulting from a growing crime, has decided to decisively move towards the assistance of minors who are victims of trafficking and child pornography.

This is how Protection4Kids was born. It is an NGO which provides citizens, in a non-profit way, with the multi-year experience matured by ReputationUp in the elimination of harmful contents.

Head of the project is Annachiara Sarto, already the director of WE ACT, which is an NGO based in the Hague and a Protection4Kids’ strategic partner.

Protection4Kids and ReputationUp are the example of an enlightened capitalism which seems more and more like the real alternative for this country.

Today, firms must increasingly feel the responsibility to protect their interests while respecting the environment, the social dimension and the dignity of work.

ProtectionUp and Protection4Kids are the case in point for how these ambitious goals are already being realized.

With the founding of Protection4Kids the team and the services provided have grown.

“We have decided – says Andrea Biaggio – to fight this war together and to offer a unique project to those families who are suffering because of child pornography.”

“Among the services we offer- explains Juan Ricardo Palacio- I want to especially mention all our activities of Ethical Hacking, Web Investigation, Money Flow Tracking, Server Analysis and Search for a Missing Child.”

The combined work of the for-profit and non-profit activity allows for the location of the people who have viewed child pornographic content based on geographical IP.

Additionally, we can proceed with the elimination of the online contents and the tracking of the money flows to find out who is behind them and bring them to justice.

As revealed in advance with the post released on Tuesday, December 10th, the synergy that physiologically binds the two societies has brought to the intensification of the collaboration.

All minors who are less than 18 who have been victim of online phishing and blackmailed for child pornographic material can contact Protection4Kids.

ReputationUp will provide all its services to these kids and their families.

It means that if a minor, either a boy or a girl, has been deprived of their dignity by the large-scale sharing of their private pictures and videos, through means of mass-communication, will once again be able to live peacefully by contacting us.

Protection4Kids, through the ample resources of ReputationUp, will delete the aforementioned contents from every electronical device where they are.

Not only that, in addition we will search the web, the deep web and the dark web to verify if those pictures and videos are present in child pornographic websites.

Furthermore, we will report the owners of these websites to law enforcement authorities to bring them to justice and give hope to the affected families once again.

As suggested by our logo, our goal is to protect kids. We are very proud to consolidate this synergy and to realize our mission.

We therefore invite the readers of this article to SHARE IT! Sharing is the key to spread knowledge, safety and solidarity.

Protection4Kids has the opportunity to fight the criminal market of trafficking and child pornography, but will never be able to do so without YOUR help.