Seguici nei Social Media

As you will have already read on our website, Protection4Kids strongly believes in the activity and in the contribution that an effective use of social media can give.

That is why you can find us on the most used social networks.

Following us and participating in our awareness campaigns can make the difference!

Sometimes, just a few minutes are enough to take our contents to kids on the feeds of their phones, unfortunately the most used targets of the despicable activities of catfishers.

Follow our activities! It can be a great opportunity to not only become a volunteer at Protection4Kids but also, as written by Coelho in his famous book, to become a Warrior of the Light, who believes in miracles and thus achieves them.

We have organized an awareness campaign, called #theyarenotaloneontheweb, that will not leave you indifferent. Consult our website on the “Projects” section to participate!

Believe me, your sharing can save lives!



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