How the project was born

For some time now, several African authorities have been denouncing great difficulties with regard to a phenomenon that has grown worryingly: the trafficking of aspiring football players from Africa to the West, “bought” by families with fake promises of engagement. After conducting several research, supported by some Professors of International Law of The Hague University, the will to provide assistance and support to an association born in Gambia to combat the phenomenon of trafficking in children was born: Mandinari Football Academy.

Founded by Sarr Mandina, the Academy was founded to create a safe bridge between the families of young aspiring footballers and observers of football clubs, and has become an official partner of Protection4kids.

What we do

Protection4kids is committed to periodically send its trainers to the Academy, with the aim of explaining and instructing coaches on how to defend young aspiring footballers from human traffickers and fake job opportunities. The trainers also educate the young players on the phenomenon of trafficking connected to the world of sport, providing them with the identikit of the typical perpetrator.

Protection4kids volunteers then have the opportunity to leave for missions in Gambia, guests of the Mandinari Football Academy, to teach children to play football, creating a real socio-cultural bridge with Italy.



We want to use our knowledge in the field of trafficking and forced labour to create a focus on the problems of the football world. On the one hand, we will train volunteers who are prepared for this and, on the other, young footballers who will have the knowledge to defend their rights.

Remote support

Protection4Kids will be a constant contact that will provide support to the academy through advice and help in the case of possible problems and threats against young students. Our team will be available via telephone and on-site consulting twice a year.

Data collection

Collaborations in the areas most affected by trafficking and exploitation crimes allow us to collect data and photographic material for our blog and various publications. In this way we can always provide updated research and statistics.

Global Presence

Aid projects like this are essentiail to create an international collaboration network. This, in addition to providing a continuous exchange of knowledge, allows us to have a more accurate and verified vision of the problems related to trafficking in the areas in which we act.


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