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We explain what we do and how we work.

Protection4Kids is a non-governmental organization, that is, an entity that carries out the own social activity without profit (no profit).

We are therefore a private law organization that has no connection with institutions or other public bodies that are present in the Italian territory.

Protection4Kids is not the police, much less we replace it or other organs of

Italian and / or international justice.

Our internal policy has always been based on dialogue and collaboration with forces

of the order. Born as a social project, it is aimed at helping minors who are involved in cases of child pornography, trafficking, cyberbullying and revenge porn.

Among our objectives there is that one to encourage the creation of a collective conscience through awareness and multidisciplinary training, using experts in all the disciplines affected by these terrible phenomena, in order to be able to help in the signalation of the increasingly frequent cases on the web and in social networks.

Our commitment is aimed at conveying the reports in the best way and in the right forms to the competent local authorities. We can do it through our staff of legal and IT consultants at the service of citizens who find themselves in front of these phenomena. 

Regarding the crimes of revenge porn and cyberbullying, our NGO is supported from the decades of experience of ReputationUp. ReputationUp is an international structure which is specialized in law oblivion and in elimination of harmful content from the web.

The collaboration with ReputationUP allows us to offer a free service to minors who are undergoing acts of revenge porn and cyberbullying. We sift through every single report, evaluating the victim’s reputation framework on a case-by-case basis to defend its integrity on the web and beyond the web.

The latter project stems from the high suicide rate of kids who see their intimate photos which circulate on the web and in social networks, creating in them a very strong, emotional imbalance and a sense of marginalizing humiliation. We believe that in the face of such situations we should be someone who can support and help the involved children (and not only), by implementing actions which are aimed at eliminating these contents.

Every single report which is addressed to our NGO is studied and processed in the

procedures and in the compliance with applicable laws, bringing it to the competent justice bodies.

To sum up, Protection4Kids’ activity takes place in two complementary directions. The first one is in collaboration with the competent authorities, such as the Postal Police, when they come to us with reported, critical situations that integrate the extremes of a criminal offense (cases of online child pornography and revenge porn). The second one is to carry out an activity of reputation monitoring of the minor with the consent of the parents through which, by a transparent procedure which is specifically indicated on our website and which is implemented in light of Regulation (EU) 679/2016, we can eliminate harmful contents that concern his/her dignity. 

Our hope is that the awareness activities which are carried out by Protection4kids can lead to a better future and to a more conscious and ethical use of the new technologies.

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