PROTECTION4KIDS around the world

Sensitizing and raising awareness of our mission is not enough, it is also necessary to create a network of international NGOs to fight child pornography and trafficking of minors. This is the goal of PROTECTION4KIDS Around the World. Indeed, we would never make it alone against social sicknesses as widespread as these.

Abuses against minors all around the world are reportedly dramatically on the rise. These are phenomena that, unfortunately, are not talked about often on the media and are considered to belong to poor and backwards society, far away from us.

Underestimating their impact on more advanced societies does nothing but help those who manage and profit off trafficking of minors.

We also know that traffickers act in the West, on the internet, and are a constant threat for kids and teenagers. Unaware of the dangers on the Web, they can be easily lured and end up in the hands of merciless people. In Italy, too, thousands of children end up as goods in the vast and obscure child pornography business.

The Protection4Kids Around the World project aims to make a concrete tool out of the international network built through the tour and online awareness campaigns in the fight against these atrocities.

Our goal?

Our goal is to foster the creation of a great international humanitarian network, made up of associations, experts and volunteers aimed at the sharing and actualization of plans for accurate and effective operations.

This project, other than concretely helping the victims, also means a unique and personalized opportunity for volunteers as well.

We believe that to allow volunteers to give their help according to their possibilities and preferences also puts them in the condition to give the most in the fight against these sick phenomena.

The opportunities are several: there are organizations, like Chhori, that need medics; others need volunteers to teach English; finally, there is also the need for psychologists and health operators to support those in the traffickers’ web.

This way, volunteering can be on the one hand a concrete way for students to get experience on the field and test their capabilities, while also growing their resumé, and on the other hand for professionals to provide the collectivity with their skills giving their precious contribution to the fight against trafficking.

Last but not least, we also want to put first the formation of our volunteers, which will be carried out together with all the associations who will decide to work with us.

The formation becomes fundamental especially for those who will want to use it in the poorest and most marginalized countries.

These are environments remote from our daily life. Formation is key to avoid initial confusion and start helping concretely right away.

With the PROTECTION4KIDS Around the World project, our organization looks ahead, providing the most qualified skills to guarantee a better world for the future generations.



As mentioned before, Protection4Kids wants that the network built through the tour does not stay just a network, but becomes a synergic network of organizations rooted in the territories they work in to help the victims of these crimes.

Not only that, we have seen how the crimes related to the circulation of child porn material are spreading and increasing even in the developed countries, where social networks look like a mere pastime.

It is fundamental to have a consolidated network of experts, volunteers and professionals helping the victims of these crimes to carry out the duties that we have imposed upon ourselves.

Additionally, this sympathetic union also serves the purpose of fostering the sharing of innovative ideas to help the victims and fight these terrible crimes.


We want to invite the people who are more sensitive to the issue of abuses towards minors to join Protection4Kids by explaining our global activity, informing the public about our media activities and showing our competence.

You will thus be able to be a part of a great organizations, which can adequately and effectively manage its associates’ skills.

Joining Protection4Kids means living a unique and customizable experience. An experience that not only allows you to test your skills and achieve your humanitarian mission, but also that will help you to grow intimately as a person.

Helping others by giving your contribution, small or big as it may be, is priceless and can give incommensurable satisfaction.


It is not enough to join Protection4Kids and to have the membership card in order to stop traffickers. We are not looking for associates, we want motivated and professional people. True warriors of the light.

Having the right skills is essential to intervene in situations that are sometimes very difficult. It is fundamental that our volunteers be aware and knowledgeable about the cultural and social context of the countries in which they will live for a long time. Motivation is not enough, it is essential to know the most effective and advanced ways to help those who have unfortunately fallen into the hands of merciless traffickers.



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