With the PROTECTION4KIDS on tour project, our organization wants to sensitize public opinion on the tragedy of the trafficking of minors and child pornography with a cycle of national and international conferences.

We like to think of this project as the backbone of our organization’s activity

Indeed, the sooner the West becomes aware of these issues, the sooner it is going to be possible to act towards more practical goals and achieve Protection4Kids’ dream: the building of a well-established and widespread network with volunteers in their respective local communities acting in the name of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child adopted by the League of Nations in 1923 (and in an extended version by the UN in 1959).

Our volunteers and human rights experts will explain our mission and describe the services we provide in the fight against these serious social tumors.

As with most human activities, international human trafficking has undergone an intense process of digitalization. However, these criminal activities have done so using the “dark side” of the internet: the Deep Web.

Protection4Kids wants to confront on the web those who use or upload online contents that are harmful to childhood and dealt with in the aforementioned Declaration.

Protection4Kids makes his servers, always efficient and updated, available for the identification of the victims of minor trafficking and/or sexual abuses. Our databases, for example, keep pictures of missing children to verify if they are present in child porn websites.

Polish sociologist, philosopher and scholar Zygmunt Bauman defines society as a “liquid society”. The internet can be considered as one of the causes of this liquidity.

In the web, information, news, videos and pictures travel diffusely and without any struggle, going beyond national and transnational borders.

Unfortunately, in the age of appearance, within this liquidity, where we exist only as consumers, even macabre videos and pictures become the object of consumption.

What is even more macabre, and defined by our General Director as a “horror of humanity”, is that human perversion sometimes brings one to be pleased with these obscenities, becoming buyer of these inhumane “digital goods”

The difficulty in confronting these crimes is that they take place through the New Economy technologies like Blockchain systems and cryptocurrencies, which, instead of being used for charitable ends, due to their incredible potential, are used by organized crime to act undisturbed.

The services of Protection4Kids are not limited to the identification of abused minors. In fact, we monitor flows of cryptocurrencies in the Dark and Deep Web to find the users that sell or buy child porn material. By doing this, we can bring them to justice!

The goal of Protection4Kids on Tour is to become a pioneer in the creation of an international network of charitable organization who diligently work to fight crimes harmful to the dignity of children, and before that, to human dignity.



The creation of an international network against abuses also allows for the sharing of knowledge among the major experts in these areas. The objective? To drastically lower the number of victims of minor trafficking and child pornography.

Indeed, at the end of every meeting, the Protection4Kids’ team will organize networking activities because we have understood that a great value can only come from the sharing of a common objective.


The numbers of these crimes are constantly increasing across the world. To fight these dramatic statistics, it is important to create a united group of people and associations sharing the same objective: to protect childhood. The PROTECTION4KIDS on tour project fosters the meeting of volunteers and professionals of the sector to share knowledge and fight together the abuses towards minors. Thus, more accurate and effective operations to fight traffickers and child pornography will be designed together.


Raising awareness is at the core of Protection4Kids’ activities. It takes place in two ways: by informing the public about the crimes of trafficking of minors and by making it aware of the constant flow of child porn material daily exchanged on the web.

Unfortunately, these are still not so well-known issues, especially among young people, and too often families become aware when one of their loved ones becomes a victim.

Sometimes, the media mislead us on these serious social issues, making the public think that these crimes are typical of poor countries. IT IS NOT SO! This sickness involves the West as well, and many minors today are victims of it.

We believe that there is a strong necessity for social groups, either real or virtual, like families, schools but even social media to become aware and educate parents and children to a safer use of technology.


We like to think of the steps of the tour as the vertebras of a long spine. However, Protection4Kids’ spine wants to rise and remind us how important the social effort by physical people and juridical entities is, by carrying the weight of some of humanity’s mistakes and at the same time offering effective solutions.

The driving force behind the creation of this network of organization is the realization that more “vertebras” are needed to sustain this noble goal, so that these organizations can diffusely and precisely provide their volunteers and their resources to fight these atrocious crimes.

How will these meetings take place within the tour?

Protection4Kids has organized some smart and sharp conferences. There is only one goal: impress the participants and make them aware of what is going on in the world today.

They will have a brief but intense format lasting about two hours, from 10 AM to 1 PM, in which the participants will be able to understand these issues deeply thanks to the presence of volunteers and professionals who have dealt these issues firsthand.

At the end of each conference there will be a buffet. Indeed, we believe that sharing the emotions that our experts will have been able to instill is the first step towards the creation of a collective conscience.

The tour is needed to get people aware of these serious crimes and to develop a sense of solidarity that sometimes seems lacking, even though our Constitution requires the carrying out of the binding duties of political, economic and most importantly social solidarity. It is right here that we operate.

The stops of Protection4Kids on tour

  • March 28th, 2020 – Castelfranco Veneto: the Castelfranco Veneto stop is emblematic of how sometimes something big can be achieved even by starting from a “small” place. Castelfranco Veneto is not only the first headquarters of Protection4Kids but also the place where the wills of two great people met to build something unique.
  • May 23th, 2020 – The Hague: the stop on Dutch ground is just as meaningful. There are more than 26.000 foreigners living in The Hague, mostly working at international organizations and diplomatic and juridical entities. The city is also home to all foreign embassies in the Netherlands and many international organizations like the International Court of Justice, the UN juridical branch, the International Criminal Court and the Europol. We hold this stop in particular at heart: to be able to take Protection4Kids’ activity in the place that is a symbol of international law is a great achievement for us.
  • July 6th, 2020 – Madrid: Being the fourth EU member state, Spain is very active in the protection of human rights. Thanks to an already present network, a conference will be organized in this fantastic city, too.
  • September 8th, 2020 – Medellin:  This stop, too, is extremely meaningful. Indeed, this effervescent city hosts one of Protection4Kids core projects: the Colombia Project. This extraordinary project is meant to create a stable and safe structure for all those children who have endured violence and abuses, and to help their reintegration into society through a medical and psychological rehabilitating path. Having the second to last stop of our tour here is meant to voice the strength of a project aimed at giving hope to those who are born without even knowing what it is.
  • September 15th, 2020 – Miami: the stop in Miami, in the USA, is, too, the result of a strengthening network. The headquarters of ReputationUp, society of the patron Andrea Biaggio, has committed to spread Protection4Kids’ activity beyond European borders by landing in Miami. An opportunity that we will not waste, of course.
  • December 11th, 2020 – Rome: The tour ends in the capital, symbol of the boot and final stop in the raising awareness process. To end in the place that is the symbol of Italian values and the guardian of the constitutional principles is the best way to sensitize to these cruel realities, that are for sure outside of the Constitution. As Rome is the symbol of Italianness and the place out of which the parliament’s laws spread, we hope that it can be the place out of which our principles and values spread and consolidate on Italian soil, too.


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