Super Jero history

Super Jero is a true story, full of emotions, good moments and others not so good, but always assumed with the best attitude and receiving all the lessons that these situations could leave us.

It is a story that must be shared why it happened to change our lives and touch many people who were by our side and others who followed this story from afar.

With our experience we have had the opportunity to help families who have lost their children. Like our story, it has served as a source of inspiration for some people who have written to us over the years thanking us, because Jero’s life and his courage made them at some point react and value what is really important in their lives.

We will tell you about the situations how they happened and how we received them to always try to see the positive side of them, even in the worst moments, inspired by Jero’s courage! We hope this inspires you to get up every day and move on no matter what happens in your life.

How the project was born

The Super Jero project was born from the day of his death. Throughout the process we saw the need to share our experience; At first it all started as part of a bereavement therapy, but when we saw the reaction of people when they learned about this experience, we knew that this story was different and that with it we would be able to help many parents who were going through the loss of a child.

Soon more and more families began to look for us. We knew that this project would turn into something big, but we were not sure how we should start. We only knew that we wanted to write a book and we believed that this would be the beginning of everything. Due to our occupations and things in life, the years passed, more exactly 9 years, until in February 2021 we made the decision to open a page on Instagram and tell the whole story. Without expecting it very quickly, it became a reference not only for parents who have lost children but also for many people who when they read the story in it, they find sufficient reasons to move on with their lives.

What do we do specifically?

Our main function is to be able to help understand that whatever happens in our lives we can always be happy and we do this through various means. Our long-awaited book is already in the process of being executed and we hope to have it ready by the first days of October of this year. Also through talks or conferences and some TV programs. locals we have had the opportunity to deliver our message, which has been very well received.

Our goals

Our main objective is to help and inspire many people who are going through different situations at some point in their lives.
Going through this experience showed us the need to help low-income families who have their children in cancer treatments, since they face many difficulties that put the continuity of their children’s treatment at risk. We have done this through different donations that people make directly to hospitals, specifically to pediatric cancer units. All this inspired by the history of Super Jero.

Our main objective is to help and inspire many people who are going through different situations at some point in their lives.
Our greatest learning was to have been able to recognize and have lived the most beautiful test of unconditional love, in the end we only have the satisfaction of the duty fulfilled without selfishness, thinking only of Jero’s well-being.


Andres Alvear Mejia
Medellín – Colombia
Juliana Gutierrez Zuluaga
Medellín – Colombia


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