Gianmarco Sarto

Gianmarco Sarto

Student of Medicine and Surgery at the Sapienza University of Rome

I am now at the end of my studies in Medicine and Surgery at La Sapienza University.

I chose to take this path because I have always been motivated to help others.

During my life I have discovered that there are many ways to help people, not just the medical one, sometimes it takes so little. I was able to discover this for example during a volunteering experience in Ethiopia made some years ago. Sometimes it was enough to shake hands with a lady, smile at a child, look gently into the eyes of a mother who had traveled 10 km with her son in the back in the hope of being able to visit us.

In fact, my dream has always been to “build” a job that allows me to help others.

When I learned about the goals and projects of P4K I immediately fell in love.

To think that there are criminals who exploit the ingenuity and weakness of children to obtain and sell sexual services makes me angry.

How could I not give my small contribution to stop one of the fastest growing crimes in this historical period?



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