#theyarenotaloneontheweb is our awareness campaign on the tragedy of human trafficking and child pornography, however on a digital level.

On the one hand, the tour helps in establishing and consolidating an international network of organizations working in the sector to sensitize people to human trafficking and child pornography. On the other hand, #theyarenotaloneontheweb aims to fight catfishers with their own tools: social networks.

We have acknowledged that we are dealing with a “social tumor”. We have understood the importance of teamwork based on solidarity. Now, we are arming ourselves with the medicine most suited to eradicate this macabre trend.

These phenomena must be fought on the internet. Social networks have fostered the exponential growth of crimes against childhood.

For decades, websites and hidden databases storing and spreading child porn material have been dwelling on the deep web. These servers are still being updated and this indicates the increase of crimes against childhood across the world.

At Protection4kids we want to put an end to this and even you, reading these words now, can do it! Yes, you, who are feeling powerless against these crimes, can participate!

With a hashtag you will be able to share informative contents against child pornography and trafficking of minors, actively participating in an awareness campaign.

It is a modern slavery with disconcerting numbers, still talked about too little.



In most cases, the victims’ families become aware of these dangers only after the fact. It is disconcerting, and it can destroy a family that feels helpless, to know that their kid, in their delicate naivety found among most teenagers, has fallen for the trap of a criminal who uses the material sent him to profit on others’ sufferings. Luckily there are remedies, but it is important that everybody knows them.

At Protection4Kids we can delete the sensitive contents, bringing peace to a family that, unfortunately, felt had no hope.

The services we provide are valid, effective and fast. However, they must be known!

With this awareness campaign we can finally make these opportunities known and give hope again to thousands of families and kids who are enduring this tragedy.

Everything starts with knowledge…


At Protection4Kids we use the same channels as those who commit these horrible crimes.

We have confirmed that, since these kinds of crimes are on the rise also thanks to social networks, the right solution is to fight them with the same tools.

Sharing contents through the hashtag #theyarenotaloneontheweb helps to spread our mission beyond national borders.

Furthermore, minors, just as they are constantly threatened by catfishers online, will also find online, on those same social networks, warnings regarding these issues and will realize the dangers that exist.

Join our campaign! A simple share could save the life of a child.


Just like the tour is working towards raising awareness concretely in the territories we work in, the social battle through this hashtag is aimed to do it online.

Information and communication are strong as they are brought closer to the people through conferences, but become indestructible if they are consolidated through the web.

The catfishers of minors mainly work through social networks, whose major users are minors. That is why we believe that they must be educated to use these platforms more consciously.

Even a simple “digital battle” can make a kid more aware that among the great opportunities that social networks give, there are also serious dangers.


The analogy with the tour is essential. Indeed, we believe that the network that is taking shape daily through our work, must also be digitalized.

An international network of organizations that work through social media with awareness campaigns can mean the presence of a warning about these crimes on the feed of the main apps.

The goal is always the same: to wake the collective conscience and to raise a cause against this “social tumor”.

How to join our awareness campaign:

Those who join our awareness campaign will take a picture of their face covered in their hands. Symbolically, this gesture represents the dignity that is denied to the victims of trafficking of minors or child pornography. The picture shall be shared on the main social networks with the hashtag #theyarenotaloneontheweb #P4K

Why join?

Trafficking of minors is an international crime, severely punished all over the world. The young victims are deprived of their dignity and fundamental rights. They are not free to move and cannot get rid of their jailers. Reduced to slavery, they are abused and reduced to a good to sell to the highest bidder, ready to buy pictures and videos of the sexual abuses they endure. We cannot remain indifferent and acting is the right thing to do. By joining the #theyarenotaloneontheweb project you will participate firsthand in our awareness campaign and save young human lives.

When to join?

If you are motivated, you can join the #theyarenotaloneontheweb project on December 20th, 2019, World Human Solidarity Day.



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