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The Guide To Understanding

The “Dictionary of the Web” derives from a project which, in addition to not giving up its notional vocation, aims to facilitate the comparison between adults and a series of areas in which young people are well versed.

The dictionary collects the most common expressions used by young and very young people in the context of Internet browsing, social networks, information technology and the videogame world to bring the “less digital or digitized” generations closer to this new language.

This informative reading is useful both for parents to be able to listen and help their children by protecting them from the risks of the Internet, and for the adolescents themselves who often think they know some terms but who, in reality, have distorted their meaning.

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The Guide To Understanding

Written by Aldo Benato

In Collaboration With Protection4kids

The authors:

Aldo Benato:

Lawyer at the Court of Treviso and certified Data Protection Officer, he mainly deals with privacy, IT security, IT contracts, cybercrimes and more

modern IT-legal profiles.

Pierluca Favaron:

Graduated in law from the University of Padua, he immediately showed a particular interest in legal information technology, privacy and the application of information technology in criminal law.

In Collaboration With Protection4Kids

This dictionary was also created thanks to the collaboration with Protection4kids, an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that works at national and international level to fight against trafficking in human beings and online child pornography through a wise use of technology and concrete help in loco.

Protection4kids works to reintegrate the child victims of these crimes into society in order to give them an alternative life. More specifically, Protection4kids is made up of a team of people who are committed to concretely help minors who are victims of trafficking and online child pornography.

This NGO makes use of a wise use of technology, guaranteeing services of the highest level whose sole purpose is to help the children who are victims of these crimes.

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