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We have always believed that schools are the place where we acquire awareness, develop a critical spirit and, above all, acquire knowledge. Hence the desire to educate and kindle consciences in schools. Protection4kids organizes training projects in schools intending to educate children to use the web and social networks responsibly. In this way, we spread awareness and knowledge of possible dangerous or anomalous situations.

We at Protection4kids organize training projects in schools with the aim of raising awareness among students by making them understand that even a simple and daily use of digital tools, such as sharing or downloading a file, involves risks.

We act through:

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Through meetings in schools, we can take our message to as many children as possible. Making them understand that even the naive sharing of a photo with their boyfriend can irremediably compromise their future, and become an object of exchange between ignoble criminals, is essential to counteract these evils.

This year we have...

Sensitized over 4 thousand students on the risks of the network

Participated in more than 50 training meetings for parents and families

Format more than 200 teachers and lecturers on the dangers of the web

Are you part of a proactive school open to new opportunities?

Organize a training meeting for your students! We also offer the opportunity to carry out an internship with us