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Who We Are

Our mission

Protection4kids is a non-profit organisation, fighting gender-based violence as well as online crimes on national and international levels.
We assist victims of human trafficking, child pornography, sextortion, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, identity theft, revenge porn, victim blaming, rape culture, slut shaming, and hate speech.
Our priority is to prevent such phenomena through a wise use of new technologies: thanks to the ReputationUp team of experts, we offer highly qualified professional advice, provide direct assistance both online and on-site and try to reintegrate the victims into society.
Il team di Protection4kidsa
Il team di Protection4kids

We at Protection4kids are by your side against crimes that are perpetrated online. Are you a victim of cyberstalking, cyberbullying, revenge porn, identity theft or child pornography?


We base our daily work on transparency and accountability. We use our online and offline channels extensively, giving constant feedback to our community.


We are a team of young professionals who collaborate with local associations and international organisations, comparing and learning from each other's experiences and knowledge.


As human rights experts, we believe that everything valuable in society depends on the opportunities for progress accorded to each individual.

Annachiara Sarto con una vittima di prostituzione forzata, Nepal 2019

Our Story

When and why we were created

The story of Protection4Kids comes “from below”, from the experience of Annachiara Sarto, who in 2019 went to Nepal for a legal internship at CHHORI, an anti-trafficking facility in Kathmandu that welcomes girls and women victims of exploitation, gender-based violence and human trafficking.
On this trip, Annachiara makes an already particularly felt problem her own and learns disheartening data: more than 40 million human beings are victims of trafficking, and images and videos are shared on child pornography sites within the Deep Web.
Fortunately, today, Annachiara is no longer alone. That moral duty has found the convergence of two entrepreneurs who have the opportunity to make a difference, and have chosen to make it available to others.

Make a difference

Make yourself available to others

Andrea Baggio and Juan Ricardo Palacio, CEO of ReputationUp and experts in IT security and online reputation, have embraced the passion that drives Annachiara’s actions, understanding that their technology can help fight the phenomenon.
Andrea Baggio explains, clearly and in straightforward words, the mission of Protection4Kids:
“We have decided to fight this battle together and offer a unique project in the world aimed at all those families upset by the tragedy of child pornography”.
Juan Ricardo Palacio well summarises the innovative IT services made available by Protection4Kids:
“Among the services we offer, I want to particularly point out all the activities of Ethical Hacking, Web Investigations, Tracing of Money Flows, Server Analysis and Missing Child Research”.
Annachiara Sarto ed Andrea Baggio, missione umanitaria, Novembre 2020

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