Who We Are

At PROTECTION4KIDS, we are committed to fight daily against the crimes of trafficking of minors and online child pornography on the international level.

Dedication, passion and determination are what defines us.

Our number one priority is assisting, both directly and indirectly, minors who are victims of trafficking and online child pornography.

Our number two priority is reintegrating those victims into society.

We work together with international organizations, with which we have two things in common: passion and strong belief in what we are doing.

All of this is done through a network of organizations, in which we confront and learn from each other’s experiences and knowledge.

Our Mission

Assisting children who are victims of trafficking and online child pornography, through the skillful use of technology and tangible help on-site.

Our Vision

A world in which minors who are victims of trafficking and child pornography are fully reintegrated in society. A world in which a twisted use of technology increasing criminal acts against minors does not exist.

Our Values

Below are the values we deeply hold:

We are a team working daily to achieve of our goals.

We are open to new ideas and proposals that can help minors who are victims of trafficking and online child pornography.

When we set goals for ourselves, we work day and night to achieve them.

We are a group of people that consider themselves lucky since we work to fight crimes that interests us and that we have been studying for years.

We are passionate about analyzing these crimes in depth and we study their causes daily, in order to intervene going to the root of these phenomena.

We are a team that loves collaborating with other organizations active in these sectors.

That is because our only goal is to assist victims of child pornography and trafficking of minors and we believe that we can achieve this goal more effectively by working together with other organizations.

We are individually responsible for our choices and decisions.

We work transparently with our donors, with the organizations we collaborate with, and with the minors who are victims.

We are a team that acts with respect towards our donors, ourselves and all those who collaborate with us.

Annachiara Sarto, Director and Coordinator of PROTECTION4KIDS

Annachiara Sarto is the founder of WE ACT, Women Empowerment Against Children & Human Trafficking and the Director of Protection4kids. She has been able to transform her classical background form Liceo Tito Lucrezion Caro in Cittadella, PD, into a course of studies specialized in the topic of International Law.

Annachiara is a student and researcher at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in The Hague, Netherlands. She has always shown a strong interest in the field of human trafficking and legal safeguarding of the rights of minors who are victims of sexual abuse.

Her career is full of humanitarian experiences and legal internships at NGOs involved in developing assistance programs for women and children who are victims of abuse.

She has worked at Prevent Human Trafficking in Washington DC (June 2019) and at CHHORI Daughter Organization in Nepal (August 2019)


From a young IT technician to a serial and global entrepreneur in the digital world.

CEO of REPUTATIONUP EUROPE, created to help firms, professionals and public figures in facing a reputational crisis that could irremediably damage them.

I like to think that we give oxygen to firms and private individuals, which in many instances of attacks can no longer breathe, work, socialize…

We are a multinational organization that gathers in itself some of the greatest experts of online reputation. We are physically present in 14 countries throughout Europe, Latin America and the United States. We work all over the world and can guarantee tangible results.

Juan Ricardo Palacio, CEO of REPUTATIONUP AMERICA and founder of PROTECTION4KIDS

Electronic engineer, specialized in telecommunications, cybersecurity and digital forensic analysis with over 24 years of experience.

He is an expert in data analysis, big data, ethical hacking, cryptography, data recovery, web reputation, ORM and SEO.

Qualified in brand creation and management, NLP, neuromarketing, business management and leadership.

Enthusiastic about research, knowledge and helping others through technology in making the impossible possible.

Beatrice Garatti Blogger, Translator and Researcher

Editor of the weekly Protection4kids blog and translator in some foreign languages. She helps in the organization of Protection4Kids events and conferences and in the management of e-mails. She carries out researches on data on human trafficking, Cyberbullying, Revenge Porn and online child pornography. She’s graduated in “Languages, civilization and language sciences” at the Ca Foscari University of Venice and she has always shown great interest in the humanitarian field, foreign languages, linguistics, literature and philology.

Fabio Righetto, R&D Manager - Research and Development Manager

Student of the Master of Science in Comparative International Relations at Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice.

I’m always interested in the field of human rights, active in volunteering and in search of training experiences, I recently participated in a training course in Turkey regarding ways of intervening to help ethnic minorities and asylum seekers.

I had experiences in the Netherlands, England and Italy behind me, I collaborate with Protection4Kids looking for new ways of action and following the creation and organization of events, initiatives and collaborations.

Giacomo Cavalli, Social Media Manager

Graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia, after some experiences abroad as a Webdesigner, came to know the world of the Social Networks and start a collaboration with Protection4kids as a Content Creator. Manages the campaigns and the contents of the sharing platforms. Passionate about street photography, starts taking pictures and post producting since the tender age. Joining this to the passion for travels, created and organized  a number of exhibitions, such as the last and itinerant one, financed by the Veneto region. Member of the European Parliament of the students, participated to many activities for the protection of the human rights in Italy.

Leo Messana, Logistics and Website Manager

I help in organizing Protection4Kids events and conferences. I collaborate in the correct operational and administrative management. I also manage the updating and maintenance of the website, the articles and press section.

Our Team

Our team is made up of several workers with international experience:

Legal Experts

Legal experts with international background, specialized in different areas such as International and Transnational Penal Law, Humanitarian Law and Human Rights.

IT Experts

Experts with decades of experience in IT investigative forensic analysis.



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