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Chhori is a small all-female anti-trafficking centre active in Kathmandu, which deals with the recovery of girls who have been victims of trafficking and violence, often forced into forced prostitution. The centre provides victims with a safe place to live and legal and psychological assistance. Since 2007, it has saved, helped and supported over 1000 women and girls, reintegrating them into society, by teaching them a profession that guarantees their emancipation.

Our director Annachiara Sarto lived in the Chhori centre for a month on the occasion of a legal internship.

When the centre was about to close in 2021 due to the lack of funds and resources caused by the pandemic emergency, the girls were in danger of returning to the streets.

It is at that moment that Protection4kids committed to supporting the CHHORI centre with:

All the guests of the centre are involved in a sex education project that introduces them to healthy sexuality and reproductive rights, helping them to overcome the traumas they have been victims of. Furthermore, all the guests of the centre can finally benefit from the fundamental psychological support, available to any girl who needs it.

How can you support the Chhori project?

Do you want to become an official sponsor of this project by funding the anti-trafficking training of Chhori personnel? Do you want to receive the monthly reports made by Chhori on what they can achieve with the support of Protection4kids? Write to us at info@protection4kids.com.

This year we have...

Guaranteed 3 meals a day at 36 Chhori girls

Educational path guaranteed for 14 girls

Found a job at 6 girls

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