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For some time, several African authorities have been denouncing great difficulties regarding a phenomenon that has reached worrying dimensions: the trafficking of children aspiring footballers from Africa to the West, "bought" by families with false promises of employment. We at Protection4kids immediately embarked on our commitment to provide assistance and support to a football academy in The Gambia, to combat the phenomenon of child trafficking: the Mandinari Football Academy.

The Academy was created to create a safe bridge between the families of young aspiring players and the observers of football clubs.

Protection4kids offers its help by taking care of:

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The trainers are responsible for describing the phenomenon of trafficking connected to the world of sport to young players, providing them with the identikit of the typical executioner. Protection4Kids volunteers have the opportunity to leave for missions in Gambia, guests of the Mandinari Football Academy, to teach children to play football, creating a real socio-cultural bridge with Italy.

Quest'anno abbiamo...

Trained more than 15 football coaches to recognize the trafficker's identikit

More than 100 Gambian families raised awareness of the danger of trafficking

Format more than 150 Gambian children on the risks of trafficking in baby football players

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